Eliza’s Art


In Eliza’s we are proud to showcase some of Australia’s finest artists and artisans. We hope you enjoy their aesthetic beauty as well as the stories and meaning behind their work.


‘First Steps’ & ‘The Stag #1’ – Mat Vaughan

Mat Vaughan is a visual artist living off the grid in the alpine village of Wandiligong. Each day he draws inspiration from the environment and people that surround him in the mountains and the High Country.

(We purchased these two pieces of Mat Vaughan’s as a metaphor for Eliza’s ‘first steps’ as a young girl from Ireland, and her decades-long transformation into a wom/an of power and strength.)


‘Wind through a wheat field’ – Karen Eriksen

Karen Hew Yin Eriksen is an emerging artist, living and making in Naarm/Melbourne on Wurundjeri & Boonwurrung land of the Kulin Nations. 

This watercolour was painted live, in harmony with a live classical piano piece written and performed by Fiona’s son, Sam Colcheedas.

Karen is motivated by the evolution and possibilities of analog painting in the digital era. She explores the oscillation between abstraction and representation. Considering themes of metamorphosis, hybridity and digitality in her paintings. She investigates how ‘digitality’ – the constant presence of technology to humanity, relates to contemporary painting. Elements of abstraction are used to optically destabilise space and form. Components of representation inform visual narratives of personal experience and introspection.


Teal/Aqua watercolour – Justine Maloney

(Yupo paper and alcohol ink)

My stepdaughter Hailey gave me this piece of beautiful art from friend and emerging artist, Justine Maloney. Hailey said as soon as she saw this, she knew I’d love it. And I do. I now love showcasing it in Eliza’s. It’s a perfect fit.

Instagram: artbyjuzzy

Ngayuku Ngura (My Home) – Pauline Minmila
Wangin, Indulkana Community, NT

This painting depicts the kapa tjukula (water holes), murpu and apu (mountains and rocks), and tali (sand hills) that surround Ngayuku community, Mimili. Mimili has many ancestral song lines that criss-cross this land. A really important piece to Anangu from Mimili is Antara, a ceremonial ground on top of a hill. This is where they would perform inma (song and dance) to create mai (food) and enough maku (witchetty grub) for everyone.

Bedroom with blue walls and warm timber finishes at Eliza’s in Bright


‘They were like birds of a feather so they stuck together.’

(Bronze Sculpture, Miniature Collection) – Gillie and Marc

British and Australian artists, Gillie and Marc have been called “the most successful and prolific creators of public art in New York’s History” by the New York Times. Creating some of the world’s most innovative public sculptures, Gillie and Marc are redefining what public art should be, spreading messages of love, equality, and conservation around the world.

The artists are best known for their beloved characters, Rabbitwoman and Dogman, who tell the autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together to become best friends and soul mates. As unlikely animal kingdom companions, the Rabbit and the Dog stand for diversity and acceptance through love. Gillie and Marc believe art is a powerful platform for change. Their art is multi-disciplinary, paying homage to the importance of togetherness, as well as the magnificence of the natural world, and the necessity of preserving it – for we are it, and it is us.
Gillie and Marc are passionate about making the world a more equal and accepting place, having grown up with vastly different yet fundamental experiences.


Small woven vase – Elisha Jackson

Elishia Jackson is a multidisciplinary artist based in the leafy eastern suburbs of Narm/Melbourne.

Along with painting and drawing, Elishia creates sculptural woven objects. She weaves vessels, vases, dishes and wall hangings using various natural fibres.
Elishia has exhibited and sold her artworks across Australia and internationally since 2003. She currently works from her home studio. For more of her work, please visit her Etsy store- ElishiaJacksonArt | Etsy Australia


Eileen Van Bavel – artist/ceramicist

Eileen van Bavel lives in Eltham Victoria. Her work finds expression in vivid abstract colours, often with a textural surface layered with compounds , material and glazes. The creative use of line is often a feature adding another level of interest.

Instagram – eileenvanbavel_ceramics

High Country Walking ( Regrowth) – Marion Rispin

(Inspired from walking through the surrounds of Bright)

Marion Rispin is passionate about painting the land, sea and sky.

Marion’s painting is in a contemporary style attempting to capture the beauty and vulnerability of nature.


Eliza’ – Mixed medium art – Steve Grimes

The bark in this painting is melaleuca bark, which was a material commonly used for cladding of early Australian’s settler’s huts. The soft piece on the left represents the young Eliza Lynch. The long pieces were split from the same piece of bark to show a gradually hardening of her exterior.

The yellow and teal are the pallet of Eliza’s the building. They also represent the land and sea of Eliza’s journey from Ireland to Australia in the 1800s.

Luxury furnishings at Eliza’s


Pendulum lights: Mark Douglass Design

Mark Douglas design is a team of artists, designers, engineers and glassblowers who work collaboratively from design concept to realisation, producing contemporary light, homewares, and custom interior projects.


‘Lattice Vase and Hakeas’ – Linocut art: Kate Hudson

Kate is an Australian artist specializing in limited edition colour linocuts. She uses native birds and flowers in her highly patterned and decorative prints.

Kate draws influence from Japanese woodblocks, Art Nouveau, the Arts & Crafts Movement and printmakers such as Margaret Preston.

She does all her drawing, designing and block carving in her Eltham studio.


Eliza – Aidan May (Aidan May Creative) @aidanmaycreative

Instagram – @aidanmaycreative

Lattice Vase: Steve Hudson, Ceramicist

Steve studied ceramic design at Central School of Art & Design in London and worked there for two years as a technician after graduating. He started clay modelling in automotive design with various car companies and in 1990 migrated to Australia with his young family.

‘Happy Daze’ – Kiln-formed glass – Fiona Trembath

Fiona had always dreamt of working with glass, shifting her creative energies from writing and editing to using her hands in a more physical and tactile way. She’d been practicing the art of leadlighting for a few years before fortuitously stumbling across the art of kiln-formed glass. Inspired by Eltham award winning glass artist, Jacquie Hacansson (www.reddoorstudio.com.au), Fiona has since added kiln-formed glass to her repertoire.

Fiona’s not ready to claim the mantle of ‘artist’, preferring instead ‘artisan’, using 100% of all sales to go directly to refugees in need.

She works out of her Wild Cherry Glass studio in Eltham.


Luxury timber bench, black Smeg fridge, stained glass windows in Eliza’s traditional kitchen

In a conscious effort to support local businesses – including our beautiful joinery – much of our décor (inside and out), electrical appliances and soft furnishings are from the following suppliers:


Trent Keller (TKEL furniture, Wodonga)

Trent has crafted all our beautiful kitchen joinery, doors, bathroom vanity unit, bathroom shelves, bed and bedside tables, and wardrobes.

Trent has a love for timber and is passionate about creating beautiful timeless pieces of furniture. Sustainability is of high importance to Trent and his team: salvaging timber from many sources, and in turn, creating something memorable. Re-using timber and giving it a second, third or sometimes even fourth life is Trent’s ultimate reward; rather than abandon, TKEL reuse and recreate. They love the stories that recycling timber tells.


Outdoor Sculpture

Tim Reid (Tread Sculptures)

Tim and his family live at Bend Of Islands, a bushy conservation area on the banks of the Yarra River in north east Melbourne. Bend Of Islands is Wurundjeri country and has a rich Aboriginal history and a large variety of native flora and fauna. It is home to many artists including painters, potters, writers and sculptors.

A background in the building industry gave Tim a strong technical foundation in construction. When he purchased a welder to repair an earth mover, Tim also discovered a gift for metal sculpture. He is now a full time artist with a passion for working with steel, preferring reclaimed material in its second stage of life.


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A timber cupboard and lovely blue armchair

The view over the historical railway at Bright

Eliza’s broad timber verandah

Bedroom with blue walls and warm timber finishes at Eliza’s in Bright